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Production of Great Lakes started 1929, and ceased in 1936. In the 1960's Harvey Swack obtained the rights to the Great Lakes Sport Trainer. He obtained some original drawings and reproduced missing drawings. He sold copies of plans to homebuilders.
In 1972 Doug Champion bought the rights to build the Great Lakes. Doug made a number of design changes and they were in production until 1980. While Harvey continued to sell the plans built version until 1990 when the plans business was sold to Stean Aero Labs who currently sell the plans.
Listed below are all home/plans built aircraft.

Would you like to add your Great Lakes to the list? If so send me a picture (your aircraft and you) along with reg, s/n and some history. I See examples below. Email tim [ at ] gapilot .co .uk (remove spaces etc)
Owner: David Graham Started project: approx 2000. First Flight:
Engine: Warner 165 (165hp)
Under construction in UK.

More Pictures of project here

Picture: David Graham
Owner: Roberto Vezzi. Started project: approx 20##. First Flight:
Engine: LOM (6 cyl inverted 180hp)
Only Great Lakes in Italy. Construction started by Don Sergeant (USA), now under construction in Bergamo Italy.
Roberto's Build Site
Picture: Roberto Vezzi
Owner: Henk. Started project: approx 20##. First Flight:Planned April 2008
Engine:Continental W670 (220 HP) Prop: Sensenich W90T6JA72
A US built experimental, a major restoration that took 3 years.

Picture: Henki
Owner:Mike Danielle, Oregon USA.
Started project: . . . . . First Flight: 1996
Engine: Ranger 440 ( 200hp)

Picture: Mike Danielle
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