gapilot vans RV7 quick build kit
My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2007.

03 to 06-August-2007 - I am spending this week unpacking the crates. My PFA Inspector Barry Gold-Sack is coming on Thursday. We will go over the aircarft and decided on the work required. I will then put the application into the PFA to B list the Great Lakes. I am going to apply this week for a UK registration - I have an out of sequence registration in mind. Will update the page if I get it!

I am gradually unpacking all the crates. This held rudder, elevators, HS, VS..
Me Playing around and Jo got the camera out.
I have taken the fuelarge off the frame I built in Phoenix for the journey. It is now sitting on a small tressle at the front - I have wheels on it to help moving around the workshop and saveing space.
Jo's friend Helen came over for a chat, so I got them to help move the fuselarge.
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