gapilot vans RV7 quick build kit
My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2007.

31-December-2007. The last day of the year, what a year it has been! This time last year I had not even thought of owning a Great Lakes. Now I have found one, been to Phoenix to collect it and started the restoration!
Replacing the spar was the quick part of refurbishing the wing. Bonding all the little parts to the spar takes time - mainly due to the number of clamps I have.

Fitting the inspection and rigging hole.
This is the original part.
Replacing the wood strips between the ribs.
Other inspection hole needs some work.
Bonded rib spacer blocks to spar.
These strips go between the ribs.
I have been working on the upper wing and mixed some glue. Used the remaining glue to bond on some of the fuse stringers.
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