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My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2007.

17/18-November-2007. Roberto a Great Lakes builder from Italy comes to visit the UK. He helps out with a little work on the center section - in between taking a picture of every inch of my Great Lakes.

Here is this weekends progress:

The First Meeting of the European Great Lakes Owners Club
Not a very good picture as we managed to all go out without a camera and had to make do with a phone camera. A great evening was had by all as we kicked of the first meeting of the European Great Lakes Owners Club in style at a curry house in Farnborough Hampshire - actually with Farnborough airfield close by where better?!. As well as technical Great Lakes discussions trips were planned. While David suggested we did a two ship flight from the UK to Italy - visiting Roberto. I suggested we think big stopping off in Italy en-route to Australia. Dave pointed out that would take about 45+ days and who had that much holiday! (picture left to right - Roberto, Dave & Tim)
Fixing the top centre section ribs. I discovered the replacement ribs were not all exactly the same and needed some rework. The profile varied a little and the cut away sections on the ends varied a great deal.
I used the old ribs as a pattern, were the rivets needed to be fitted.
Everthing held firm as I drilled each hole.
Fuel tank sender cover. A little tricky as the holes for the fabric rivets were pre-drilled in the (over tank) ribs.
I discovered a small crack in the corner of the fuel tank cover plate. I thought of refabricating the whole cover, but instead I stopped drilled it and decided to add some reinforcement angle.
Roberto arrived. However all the excitement of looking around the Great Lakes, taking pictures of the Great Lakes..... this is the only picture of Roberto!!!
The reinforcement I added to the back of the cover panel. I used solid rivets as I had plenty laying around - and I really prefer them to blind rivets.
The fuel sender cover, fitted to the ribs.
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