My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

09-April-2008. Fabric covering.
No work on the 'Lakes last night as I was on a business trip to Belfast - work getting in the way!! This evening I started spraying the elevators and horizontal stabilisers. It started off really badly. I was hardly able to get the Rand-o-proof out of the gun. I tried the pressure and gun settings. I really hate spraying, it's something I have never enjoyed doing. Was never pleased with the results on my RV interior. However when I ran out of mixed Rand-o-proof - the mix is 1:1 with Nitrate thinner things suddenly changed. I have concluded the mix had evaporated off and was not a 1:1 mix - something i had noticed when brushing if the (tin) lid was left off for a while. Dave also called and talked me through some of my problems - thanks Dave.

Sprayed first elevator and was disappointed with the results.
The Rand-o-proof and Nitrate thinner.
This evenings spraying.
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