My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

10/11/12/13-April-2008. Fabric covering.
I was disapointed how the first evenings spraying went, so sat back and checked over a few things. I was about to purchase a new gun, however after stripping my gun and soaking it over night in Nitrate thinner it started to work a lot better. Attention then turned to the workshop and I set up two powerfull lamps to help light the surface I was spraying. Next I decided it was time for an extractor fan. As it has turned out the fan has proberbly made the most improvements by removing all the airborne particals.
Progress Thursday, Friday (evenings) and Saturday afternoon and Sunday has been - Rand-o-proof on the tail surfaces and both upper wings. I have also progresses to the first Butrate layer on one wing.

I was going to buy a workshop extractor fan, however I didn't fancy the £250 ($500) price tag. So headed to a local DIY store and found this high velocity floor fan for £33 ($66).
The fan has two bolts on the side and I was going to fit some brackets on the window frame. As I was keen to start spraying I set-up a shelf and tried the fan out and it really made a difference.
Spraying the L/H upper wing with Rand-o-proof, the fan worked and the workshop was a lot clearer.
The Butrate thinner came in a 5 gal can, and the pouring spout was rubbish and leaked. So I tried to dispense into some gallon tins. Lost about half a gallon over the floor!
The pool of expensive Butrate!!!!
L/H the first wing to spray with Butrate.
End of the weekends work.
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