My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

11 to 19-Aug-2008. Fabric covering.
Finished fitting underside fabric and started prep work for side fabric.

Fuse drain holes need to be fitted.
The position was matched to the old fabric.
I masked and sprayed Rand-O-Proof while the fuse was upside down.
Veru pleased with the underside fabric.
Fitted wing root panels.
My brother was visiting so I got him to help me turn the fuse over.
Inside after covering.
Fitted VS.
The rear bolts ar trimmed down ond punched to stop the thin nuts coming off. I used new bolts as the threads on the old ones were not very good.
A rivet nut is fitted here.
Pilot passenger seat strap.
New headrest. Checked bolt alignment before the fabric is fitted.
The old headrest had excess holes and was dented.
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