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My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

08-January-2008. Right hand lower wing.
My inspector Barry came over to have a look at my right hand lower wing - we had previously discussed the condition of the rear spar but i was unsure about the front spar. He decided there was a small crack and as the wing was being stripped it was best to replace it.
So I decided to get on with stripping the wing down - not bad progress for three hours work this evening!!!

The wing is in very good condition apart from some very small cracks at the mount ends.
Wing tip.
Leading edge removed.
Removed the inner rib.
This is the crack in the rear spar.
Removed the two outer ribs together, this saved removing four cherry rivets.
Progressing well with rib removal.
This nut is punched to lock it in position. I have drilled the punches so it would come free without damaging the threads.
One tab was cracked - before I started removal.
This is as far as I got this evening - quite good progress for just three hours work.
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