gapilot vans RV7 quick build kit
My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

10/11/13-January-2008. Right hand lower wing.
Time to drill holes in the replacement spars, I need to replace the front and the back spars.

I clamped the old spar to the new spar, and match drilled the holes.
The front spat has a doubler plate, so I removed it so the old and new spar were exactly next to each other.
While removing the doubler I noticed the holes have been repaired.
As I drilled the spar attachment holes I pushed bolts in to make sure nothing moved.
As I drilled every hole I ensured the spar was level with the drill with a digital level.
As I drilled the holes I also checked the alignment - did the hole appear where expected?!
Curious - The holes appear to have been repaired, but the lower two appear to have not been repaired. So were they drilled incorrectly when it was new.
Ahh, the spar end has a vertical bolt. This is very tight, has to be accurate.
This will be tight! The position id taken from the old spar.
To fit the doubler. I clamped one on one side and drilled from threw from the spar, then fitted the other side and drilled threw.
As I drilled the holes I pushed bolts in to make sure they stayed in allignment.
Holes drilled and spar cleaned.
First side bonded and nailed. Again I pushed the bolts in place to make sure it stayed in aligment.
Other side now.
I put the glue on the the doubler plate so there was not an excess on the spar.
Even though it was nailed I clamped thoroughly and ensured the glue was pushed out properly.
Pleased with the last three evenings progress.
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