My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

19 to 27-June-2008. Right hand lower wing fabric covering.
Back from holiday I started work on covering the right hand lower wing, just over a weeks work in the evenings and I have the fabric on ready to start spraying. Now deciding if I should cover the second wing or complete spraying this one - as the workshop gets quite dirty during spraying.

Fitting the anti-chafe tape, not just to the ribs also wood parts just below the fabric.
After fitting the anti-chafe tape I punched the holes where the fabric rivets go.
Taped ready for covering.
I hung the fabric role from the roof, made it easier to roll out.
My furry assistant Oscar is usually in the workshop with me.
I fitted the underside fabric first.
After the glue was dry on the leading edge I clipped the rest in place and marked where it need to be cut.
Underside trail edge glued in place.
Cut ready to glue, I left excess on the wing tip as I use an iron to shrink the excess sto help it curve around the wing tip.
Underside trailing edge.
Fitted around aileron brackets.
Trimming the wing root fabric.
Upper fabric leading edge glued in place.
About to close the wing, a last look at the ribs for a few years!
Wires for the nav and strobe on the wing tip.
Upper trailing edge glued in place.
Using the old covering as a pattern for the inspection holes - I have since added a few extra.
Upper fabric fitted.
Inter plain fittings. Pitot and static connections.
Fitting fabric rivets.
Wing tip rivets.
Tapes fitted over rivets.
Fabric around the tie down position.
Inspection cover fitting.
Inspection cover.
Jo lending a hand.
After fitting and tesioning the fabric it takes a long time fitting all the tapes.
Fabric fitted, ready for spraying now.
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