My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

08/09-March-2008. Centre section & L/H Wing.
I was going flying this weekend but 18022G32KT BKN018 RA changed my plans. So I called David and asked him about pressure testing my fuel tank. Mark who I purchased my Great lakes off had said the tank had been pressure tested, but my inspector said I should test it. I then began to realise I need to be 100% certain there are no leaks before I cover the centre section. Otherwise I could look and feel rather daft!
Sunday the weather was not forecast to be very good, so after doing a few jobs in the garden I went into the workshop to finish off the L/H wing.

David in his workshop.
Pressure testing the fuel tank. First I blocked up all the fuel exits - and borrowed Davids fuel cap as I had left mine at home. Air was then pumped in.
The tank was left pressurised for about 15-20mins.
I was quite nervious, as I had fitted the centre section mod and it would be a lot of effort to get the tank out if it needed any leak repairs.
While the tank was under test I helped David with his leg fairings.
Do you like Davids work bench?
It passed.
I lent a David a fairing from my Great Lakes to use as a pattern.
Why a picture of these airline regulator. Because they are junk.... I spent ages putting these together. When I applied air the Air filter bowl leeks. I tried alsorts to make it stop leaking but they are real junk. In the bin now!
Torquing the bolts on the wing spar mounts. I also set the drag wires with Jo's help.
Refitted the nav light and strobe cable.
Wing is now ready for inspection before covering.
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