My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

16-March-2008. De-grease parts.
I am waiting for my inspector to come and inspect the wings ready for covering, so I started on a few other jobs. One being to clean the tail wheel assembly and other oily and greasy parts. I also started work on replacing the original fuel valve with an Andair fuel valve - they are far better.

This is an Andair fuel valve, not cheap but I consider them a must have on any aircraft. They have a very positive on/off position with smooth operation.
Rather than having the Andair handle I have the extension connector - here I have used some tube to check the fittings etc. I will be attaching the original GL tap control to this tap..
All these parts were covered in oil.
I stripped the Scott tail wheel fork apart and cleaned.
Cleaned ready for reassembly.
Fork back together, I checked all the grease nipples were functioning properly and removed all the old greese.

I have a few more screws to fit to the fuse stringers, otherwise they are also now finished.
Tail wheel apart and de-greased.
Wheel re-assembled.
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