My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

23-March-2008. Fabric covering R/H upper wing.
Today I fitted the fabric to the top right hand wing.

Top right hand wing all the ant-chafe tape fitted.
I hung the roll of fabric from the roof, this made trimming and fitting easier.
I glued the top fabric on first (starting on the underside.
Glued and clamped.
Flipped over.
Pegged in place, then trimmed fabric.
Before covering with fabric I punched the rivet holes through the anti-chafe tape. This makes it easier to see them when it comes to putting the rivets through the fabric.
Trimming the top fabric
Aileron bay being trimmed.
Wing root
Top fabric all glued in place.
I will fabric over this area.
Wing tip. Working with the iron on the excess material helps curve it round the wing tip.
Wing tip all glued into place.
I trimmed off the excess material after the glue had tried.
Flipped over and I am working on the underside whne Jo came in to see how I was getting on - and took a few pictures.
No very warm in the workshop - two fleeces and overalls. At one point it was snowing outside.
Underside of top right hand wing. Fabric ready to go on.
Now it gets harder and I have to work around the brackets.
Underside of top right hand wing fabric done, in one day.
I am pleased with the result. It still needs some metal strips in the aeliron bay to be fitted before I tension the fabric.
Now only three more wings and a lot of painting to do!!!
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