My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

19-April to 05-May-2008. Doping the upper wing fabric.
I have not updated for a while as I have just been spraying the different coatings required. Two cross coats of Rand-o-proof, three coats of butyrate dope and four coats of Rand-o-fill silver butyrate.

Rand-o-proof on the tail surfaces.
Non-tautening butyrate and now Rand-o-fill silver.
Left hand upper wing now with silver Butyrate.
After initial problems I replaced the gun and airline filter, the replacements are a million times better.
I fitted the fan to the window to improve the extraction. It works really well.
One elevator having the silver rubbed down before the next two coats.
Underside of left wing complete. The wing is now ready for top coat. I will be completing all the other wings before doing the top coat.
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