My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

09 to 20-Sep-2008. Fabric covering.
Slow progress doing lots of smaller jobs to finish covering the fuselarge. Covered three ailerons and started to work on covering the centre section. However I have run out of anti-chafe tape and unable to get any in the UK - so having to order form the USA for just one roll of ant-chafe tape!

I still had three ailerons to cover.
Anti-chafe tape.
One upper and lower aileron.
Left upper aileron.
A lamp under will help find the rivet holes.
Fitting tapes.
I started to fit the fabric to the centre section - by putting on the anti-chafe tape but ran out of tape.
Oscar still visits the workshop although his attention span is short....and i end up finishing the evening carrying him out still half asleep.
Last (lower) aileron .
Getting the fabric to stau in palce can be tricky, so I reveresed some pegs.
Front HS mount on fuelarge. Needed to be better and reinforcement.
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