My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2009.

March to 03-April-2009. Colour painting the control surfaces.
I had to give up spraying the dopes in November due to the damp conditions. The damp conditions causes the finish to become milky and risks delamination with the next coat - the colour coat. March arrived brining some nice weather and I was able to finish the centre section and rudder in silver. I was also able to complete the fourth coats on the ailerons. April has just arrived and I have now progressed to top coat. Not sure how many pictures I will post at this time as I would like to keep the finished design and colour a suprise for when my Lakes is more complete.

When I started spraying silver the parts started to take shape. Again when I started with the colour dope it again feels like progress.
Now you are wondering about my paint scheme. Well this is the white base coat. Spraying two layers of white makes the last coats better.... that is all I am saying!!.
The weather has been good and I have been able to progress quickly .
I was not happy with the last silver coat so I rubbed it down lightly and applied another coat. Went a lot better.
Two days later and I have the white base coat on.
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