My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2009.

04 to 06-April-2009. Colour painting upper wing.
I have now progressed to the coloured dope on the upper wings. Two layers of white and a third layer mixed with Y9910 Universal Retarder - this is to slow the drying process as it gives a shinnier finish.

Right hand upper wing ready for topcoat.
First layer of of white. Notice the fumes in the air? The extractor was running, I had just stopped spraying when the picture was taken. I have upgraded my spraying equipment to this full airfed face mask, it is a lot better then just filters. I will add some more details of the spraying equipment I am using via my home page.
This is two layers of while. The Retarder has not been used in this picture.
This is the base white coat under the colour I will be putting on top.
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