My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2009.

June-2009. Stripping, rubbing down and painting.
Lots of paint stripping. There are lots of layers of very old paint so stripping off has taken lots of effort and lots and lots of stripper. Cleaning the welds around the interplane struts has been time consuming as you cannot use abrasive materials.

Mark had already stripped a lot of paint off the gear leg. However I decided to completely strip them down, remove all paint and rivets.
Started to clean then devided to remove leg fairing.
Having removed all the rivets I stripped degreased and repainted.
Stripping paint off the interplane struts was time consuming and very messy.
Checking fairing alignment - and the correct ones were in place.
Checking what part goes where, as I purchased the aircraft in parts. I didn't remove the gear legs. So checking before painting.
Again checking fit before stripping and paint. Because existing marks may show fitting information or in some cases adjustment required.
Checking firewall and lower cowl fitting. The lower cowl needs lots of work as the fitting holes are damaged.
My brother Andy came down for the weekend and wanted to get involved with the project. He came out to Phoenix to buy it with me and had only seen it once since it arrived in the UK .
We started on the cowl. Originally with wet and dry. The rivets caused a problem to rub down around. Multiple paint layers came out. This is where I realised my Lakes originally used to train Lufthanza pilots. It looks like it had the Lufthanza company paintwork design - Trying to track down some history it became obvious after looking at their training fleet pictures.
I stripped the paint from the fuse area that shows through the cowl sides. Mark had painted it already but I could not be sure the paint would be compatable with my top coat, so I repainted from start.
As I cannot strip the cowl and only rub back I did some paint testing.
I stripped the firewall and repainted.
Modification. I am replacing teh Gill G25 battery with a modern oddyssey gell battery. It is smaller and is higher power.
I use Nexa Primecoat P565-625. This is will go on steal, aluminium and fiberglass.
Rebuilding the pilots seat.
I made the side parts a few months ago. but was not happy with them so I remade them.
New sides.
Riveted in place.
Ready to fit to seat frame.
Riveted to seat frame - Pilot seat is now back to original configuration.
Back in place checking fit.
Pilot panel, checking before I start modifying. The radio will be moved onto the panel.
This is a new switch panel I made, as I will be rebuilding the wiring and replace all the switches and C/B's with switchable C/Bs.
Firewall in primer.
Pilot and passenger seats in topcoat.
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