My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2008.

I have bene very busy and not much time to update site daily. So a whole month in one go! Rebuilding the cowl - the front fiberglass section I have overhauld and replaced all the metalwork. The only original part staying is the top skin. Lots of paint stripping - and repainting.

Replaced floor securing screws with nutplates and counter sunk screws with tinnerman washers.
Countersunk screws with tinnerman washers.
The front brake rods were missing so I made some replacements. They will be removed after I have converted to type.
A clue to the final colour - as I have not been putting the fabric painting pictures on line.
I want the fuselarge on its wheel soon so painting the parts.
New nuts and bolts.
The control sticks had been painted. So i stripped them and sent them off to be re-cad plated. Came back like new!!!
I was going to replace the cockpit panel.
However after disassembling I changed my mind.
Due to the rolled edge. Very tricky.
So stripped and decided to keep the original panel.
Looks better!.
This is me looking for a location for a tank for a smoke system. Also thought about making the top skin into a tank. I have since changed my mind on this location.
Instrument panels going back in.
I recrinkle painted both instrument panels. Also added the radio into the panel and rearranged the layout.
Front cowl .
Overhaul the front cowl.
Replaced the metalwork.
Took some getting off as the cowl had been modified a few times and covered in resin.
The resin was VERY thick around the oil cooler modification.
I cut most of the thick resin away.
Cut so much away the cowl felt lighter! and my workshop looked a mess!!!!
I used the original metalwork as patterns for new.
Checking cowl alignment.
The only panel from the cowl I am keeping is the top one - stripping the paint off.
New side panels.
Cowl side with oil door.
Used hole punch to cut the radius for the oil door.
Looks a bit patchy - Checking alignment regular. The cowl is now really firm with just a few fixings in place.
The cowl uses DZUS fasteners. The fitting tool is expensive, so a query on ebay finally gets me a set for a more sensible price.
Gaffa tape holds the panels in place so I can crawl inside and mark the holes from the rear.
I check alignment from inside and outside cowl!.
Yes they are my legs at the bottom of the cowl. I was able to squeeze into the exhaust exit on the lower cowl.
Inside the cowl. Jo came to find me one evening - could not quite believe where I was. .
The ground power socket with plus fitted. I have since replaced the socket with a newer one. The original socket was also not correctly wired. New one will be!
The engine mount back from Xray to check for cracks.
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