My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2009.

Nov-2009. Cowl.
I am skipping around the jobs now due to the weather - very cold and wet. So i cannot do any fabric work. I have a problem with the last wing, and need to repaint the underside. but with this cold damp weather - the reason for the problems I cannot continue. So I have moved onto other jobs. One big job is to modify the front cowl, to split the cowl so the prop' does not need to be removed to remove the cowl. This is an available MOD in the US, however I am doing it 'my way' as I don't have to stick exaclty to the US MOD system.

I need to make some new wheel spat attachment brackets. As the old ones were damaged.
I sandwiched three bits of metal together.
Splitting the front cowl. I am not following the MOD exactly.
The metal strip will hold both sides together.
A small difference to the official MOD the strip of metal goes further round the front.
I match drilled the holes in the securing strip before cutting to ensure both halfs are kept in the exact position when resecured.
Ready to cut! I used a very very thin cuttng wheel to keep the gap small. I will also resin seal the cut.
Cut! Here you can see another slight change from the original MOD. I am using rivets on the lower half rather than screws on both sides.
The rivets will be countersunk. Whne painted they will be hidden. So it should look nice. At this time I am not sure about countersunk screws and tinnerman washers for the top half.
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