My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2010.

April - 2010. Paintwork.
I am still painting the wings, although getting towards the end! Registration is now on the lower wing. Started work on the wheel spats. Also discovering how much work is involved in painting all the inspection covers!!!!!

Lower left wing, finally finished painting.
Jo came and helped remove the graphics.
The registration.
The registration is in white the base colour.
I wanted to do some also.
Quite good fun seeing the finished result gradually appear.
Finished result.
The wheel pants need a lot of work, like the cowl they have just been resprayed over the years, so there is plenty of old paint to remove.
To do the job properly I have removed ALL rivets and fitting from the fiberglass pant - I also made some molds of the pants for possible future use.
Inside and had just the rudder to finish painting. Oscar our cat always likes to get involved.
It took a long time to get the position correct and make sure both sides line up.
Remasking to do the red.
Rudder finished, I could not wait to see it in place.
Time for another re-org' in my workshop.
Making moulds of the original wheel pants before I start to refurbe them.
As I will be painting the spaits, it's a good idea to get on with inspection and cover panels.
There are lots of covers and inspection panels.
The panels that are all one colour are easy.........
Fitting the wing strobe/lamp.
Another inspection cover to paint.
Testing lamp. I am fitting and testing as much as I can so at wing fitting time i know everything is fitted and working.
Clean and polish.
Again to ensure everthing is ready at wing fitting time I am cutting out all the holes.
All painted finished pasrt are being wrapped, as I have damaged some with overspray in the workshop. All parts are now cleaned and completely sealed, ready for fitting.
This cover panel is going to be tricky.
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