My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2010.

December - 2010. Firewall.
A big month on the Great Lakes project as I refit the engine. I also made some new wheel spat mounts.

Engine ready to go back on. I have had the engine mount crack tested and repainted.
new battery box. I have replaced the Gill 25 battery with an Oddyssey P680.
The engine control rods were bent and had been replaced sometime so they were odd. I made new ones.
It's not very warm in my workshop in December.
Most of the firewall components have been replaced.
The EGT/CHT wiring has been organised to tidy up the engine bay.
Injection servo back on.
I replaced the breather pipe as the old one had lots of joints.
The wheel spat mount holes had been damaged. So I had some new ones made - water cut - from a thicker material.
Checking spat fitment. Which was good as I discovered I had fitted the brake caliper the wrong way round.
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