My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2010.

July - 2010. Wheel Spats.
The wheel spats need a some work, they have been painted over a few times, so I am rubbing off all the old paint (maybe same a bit of weight!). I made some moulds of the original spats as I may make some new lighter weight spats at a later date.

Here I am covering the original spat in resin to make a mould.
I then cover with fiberglass cloth.
I removed all the metal work, and remade some of the parts.
All the paint removed. I refitted the metalwork with countersunk rivets to give a flush finish.
They look a lot better......
Flush rivets give a better finish.
Painted inside and out.
Very pleased with the results.
Look a lot better.
Quick check of cowl alignment.
Ready for topcoat.
Planning the paint design. it's not going to be easy.
My wife Jo helping out.
First painted all white.
The start of the masking...... three colours.
Then red.
Was not easy painting the curved surface to not get any run .
Remask for the blue.
While I am painting the spats I am also doing the inspection panels, some only need a little of one colour. Here I was checking the fuel sender and it's all one colour (white). See I planned it that way :-) !!!
Blue done.
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