My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2010.

June - 2010. Paintwork.
I have taken on a really complicated paint design! After the fabric work I now have the cowls - no straight flat surfaces it's rounded now! Painting is taking a long time. I am also having problems protecting parts I have painted from overspray when painting more parts in my small workshop.

When I decided on the paint design I had not thought about how hard it may be to do - or make both sides match!
It took a long time to mask the cowls.
I used lots of line tape and masking tape painting my Great Lakes.
Lower cowl.
Blue stripe.
... and on lower cowl.
Fueselarge, cowl and side panels painted.
Very pleased with the results.
Cowls finished.
Checking alignment on the fuselarge.
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