My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2010.

May - 2010. Paintwork.
No more fabric painting, now 2k - umm, fabric was easier! Mixed results but I get the hang of it after a while and get really pleasing results.

Packing the lower wings away. They are being stored in the roof.
Lifting them into place.
Ah, there is some more fabric to do, the registration on the fuselarge.
Now where does it need to go. It's not like the USA where a small registration can go anywhere. There are plenty of rules here - like paint design cannot go through registration. Hence wide white stripe.
The luggage door is in the way. So registration will have to go over door also.
Other side is quite straight forward.
Registration on, now time to spray door and surround.
Ah, out of sequence as I used a different camera. My trusty Olympus E10 has died. So I am having to use other cameras - but they cannot live in the workshop like the Olympus has. Will miss that camera.
New side panels.
New upper cowls I have made.
Riveting oil inspection door in place (the door is the only part I kept from the old upper cowl).
Front lower cowl after coat of primer to show up all the marks, this was then flatted back and re coated.
After lots of hard work.
Lower cowl
Side panels.
Refitted ready to start paint design, and check alignment.
Lamp fitted.
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